Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Curse

The Curse

This year, we are the first batch of Form 5’s in Malaysia to use this new novel. Compare to the previous ones, this novel is much better, full with eagerness to the readers and also readers are most lightly to engage in the book within seconds from reading it.



The novel is about a girl’s mystery death that puzzled her sister and cause confusion between the peoples in the villagers.

Azreen, urgently went home from England as soon as she got the news that her sister, Madhuri had past away. As soon as she arrives home, the people around her, keep on telling her how Madhuri’s death was not more but a curse. A curse that some of the villagers believe in because of one rumour spread by Puan Normala.. That is, Madhuri’s blood wasn’t red but white. Is it really a curse? How sure can a white blood determine everything, even the future of the village.

As soon as Azreen gets to the bottom of everything, slowly, bit by bit, she found out how it wasn’t a curse, but more to a MURDER. What has made someone killed somebody like Madhuri? So pure, so innocent, so beautiful. How could someone easily kill someone so perfect?


My favourite character in the story has to be Azreen. She is a tomboy who acts the way she wants to act despite what others think of her. Though she may appear hard-headed, but trust me, she is soft inside.

Azreen is the type that likes to take on new challenges, and that is how she met the old lady, her one and only true friend in the village. Azreen is also brave. This can be said, when she without much hesitation went to rescue the old lady from her burning hut.

Azreen incredibility is to much, that no words can specifically describe her uniqueness. She is different from other characters. She doesn’t show her weakness, she doesn’t cry and asked for sympathy. She’s just her. Strong and curious. Brave and daring.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Has it occur to me a million times, just watching the people constantly asking each other the same thing. Just looking at those thoughtful humans, it reminds me of myself when I was just a 3-month-old little chick. In a village. momma keeps on popping the same question into our little minds. “WHY DID THE HUMANS CROSS THE ROAD?” she would ask. And as an observant curious little chick I am, I’ll skidded with only two bare short feet to the side of the road and just watched as various kinds of humans walk by and cross the road. I look confused at that time. Most probably cause I was still naive. Being a 3-month-old chick, I hadn’t seen much of the world. All momma ever taught is that we won’t get kill if we stay slim, stay around the area and keep on laying as much eggs as we could. Human greed and satisfaction I thought. Most of my siblings got liked that way. Even worse if before they hatch, they’re already in no hope of living.

After two months of observing, by then I was already a five-month-old little hen. Being a hen is no fun. But anyways, after two months, of insightful observing towards the humans reasons for crossing the road, a thought strikes me, humans wanted to cross to get to the other side! Yes, that’s it. I grin. But as I stare at it again, I saw that the humans didn’t just stop at the other side, they kept on walking. The more I see this, the more I got disturbed. WHY? I ask myself. What’s so great about the other side that this side doesn’t have. My skin was itching to follow them. So I did. I knew momma would be so angry at me for disobeying her, but being curious, I careless. I started to follow one human to the other side. This has the weirdest comb! it’s big, curly and pink! Most of the humans has it. I’ve even saw some that looks a lot like mine, only it’s brown!

As I was following this human, I saw that it was putting a box thing on her ear while talking. This is somehow an odd action for me. Why on earth would you talk to a box? Maybe its siblings was in there. Yea, that’s it. I followed her to an odd coop. It was cold inside and I could hear strange noises. It sounded like a human speaking but it has an annoying tune at the the background. I barely can understand what it’s trying to tell me.The sound got to me and I feel a little dizzy. So I quickly went home. I saw that the humans from this side where I was standing tries to cross over to the other side where I called home. Curious but I start to careless. Whatever that this weird humans are doing , surely it’s just to get another headache. So I tried to cross over. It was a bit hard though as there was this big metal thing moving around trying to knocked me. But fortunately I managed to get back home safely.

It’s a secret I have kept since then. Whenever I hear those silly humans asking why did the chicken cross the road , I would know why. It’s because we are curious about the other side so we tend to follow humans just to see what’s the fuss about there that everyone leaves here. This is my the chicken cross the road.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My pledge to Mother Nature. :)

As I wandered through the road, looking at the current environment, As I sat in my father’s car, looking at all the big buildings on the site of what once use to be a cold forest. Development is everywhere, not only in Kuching, Sarawak. But everywhere. And it hurts to just watch, as days goes by, trees begin to get less, weather pattern constantly changing when it wasn’t suppose to. The thinning of the ozone layer. All of this, also known as global warming. And it hurts, just by reading the local newspaper about a drowning penguin in Antarctica because of the thinning of the ice. It hurts cause those animals don’t know anything and yet they have to suffer.
My pledge to mother nature. A topic that Madam Flowrese had given to the students of 5 Beta, SMK DPHA Gapor. It’s quite an interesting topic and it also keeps my thoughts running while.
Firstly, I pledge to throw all the rubbish into the dustbin and recycle what can be recycle.
Secondly, I pledge to only use eco-friendly bottle like what Tupperware has to offer. I think it’s really a good idea that Tupperware has come out with. Not only is it cute, but it is also eco-friendly hence it doesn’t hurts the environment on the process.
Thirdly, I pledge to reduce the usage of air conditional, and cfc. This is to prevent more holes on the atmosphere. And with less holes, less thinning, the earth would be 12 percent cooler than it shouldn’t be.
Fourthly, I pledge to do car-pooling instead of using my own car when I know my neighbour is going to the same place as I am too. Carbon Monoxide coming out from the car not only effects the health but also the environment. And each puffs contains a lot that can knock the earth in one go.
Fifthly and lastly, I pledge to bring my own container when I need to take-away food from outside. The restaurant, cafes and coffee shops usually use polystyrene to pack our food. Polystyrene contains a kind of chemical that can harm the earth.
These pledges aren’t much, but I hope I will successfully obey all of these.
Last but not least, it’s never to late to save Mother Nature. It’s never to late to save the earth. It's never to late to save the younger generations.
Good day =]