Thursday, February 24, 2011

My pledge to Mother Nature. :)

As I wandered through the road, looking at the current environment, As I sat in my father’s car, looking at all the big buildings on the site of what once use to be a cold forest. Development is everywhere, not only in Kuching, Sarawak. But everywhere. And it hurts to just watch, as days goes by, trees begin to get less, weather pattern constantly changing when it wasn’t suppose to. The thinning of the ozone layer. All of this, also known as global warming. And it hurts, just by reading the local newspaper about a drowning penguin in Antarctica because of the thinning of the ice. It hurts cause those animals don’t know anything and yet they have to suffer.
My pledge to mother nature. A topic that Madam Flowrese had given to the students of 5 Beta, SMK DPHA Gapor. It’s quite an interesting topic and it also keeps my thoughts running while.
Firstly, I pledge to throw all the rubbish into the dustbin and recycle what can be recycle.
Secondly, I pledge to only use eco-friendly bottle like what Tupperware has to offer. I think it’s really a good idea that Tupperware has come out with. Not only is it cute, but it is also eco-friendly hence it doesn’t hurts the environment on the process.
Thirdly, I pledge to reduce the usage of air conditional, and cfc. This is to prevent more holes on the atmosphere. And with less holes, less thinning, the earth would be 12 percent cooler than it shouldn’t be.
Fourthly, I pledge to do car-pooling instead of using my own car when I know my neighbour is going to the same place as I am too. Carbon Monoxide coming out from the car not only effects the health but also the environment. And each puffs contains a lot that can knock the earth in one go.
Fifthly and lastly, I pledge to bring my own container when I need to take-away food from outside. The restaurant, cafes and coffee shops usually use polystyrene to pack our food. Polystyrene contains a kind of chemical that can harm the earth.
These pledges aren’t much, but I hope I will successfully obey all of these.
Last but not least, it’s never to late to save Mother Nature. It’s never to late to save the earth. It's never to late to save the younger generations.
Good day =]


Flowrese said...

A good effort but lots of careless mistakes which I'm sure you can easily correct if pointed out to you.
Practise more.

Mr Lonely said...

nice.... XD

Philip Khor said...

Even reusing a plastic water bottle is eco enough. The tupperware campaigns don't get to the point.