Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Curse

The Curse

This year, we are the first batch of Form 5’s in Malaysia to use this new novel. Compare to the previous ones, this novel is much better, full with eagerness to the readers and also readers are most lightly to engage in the book within seconds from reading it.



The novel is about a girl’s mystery death that puzzled her sister and cause confusion between the peoples in the villagers.

Azreen, urgently went home from England as soon as she got the news that her sister, Madhuri had past away. As soon as she arrives home, the people around her, keep on telling her how Madhuri’s death was not more but a curse. A curse that some of the villagers believe in because of one rumour spread by Puan Normala.. That is, Madhuri’s blood wasn’t red but white. Is it really a curse? How sure can a white blood determine everything, even the future of the village.

As soon as Azreen gets to the bottom of everything, slowly, bit by bit, she found out how it wasn’t a curse, but more to a MURDER. What has made someone killed somebody like Madhuri? So pure, so innocent, so beautiful. How could someone easily kill someone so perfect?


My favourite character in the story has to be Azreen. She is a tomboy who acts the way she wants to act despite what others think of her. Though she may appear hard-headed, but trust me, she is soft inside.

Azreen is the type that likes to take on new challenges, and that is how she met the old lady, her one and only true friend in the village. Azreen is also brave. This can be said, when she without much hesitation went to rescue the old lady from her burning hut.

Azreen incredibility is to much, that no words can specifically describe her uniqueness. She is different from other characters. She doesn’t show her weakness, she doesn’t cry and asked for sympathy. She’s just her. Strong and curious. Brave and daring.



Flowrese said...

I like your writing style but a bit bothered by the grammar errors. Or else, it's kind of a refreshing way to see the novel. Perhaps, you could email this to me so that I can help you to edit or proofread it.

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww ~ The novel seems attracting me to read it ~ =)

Camy said...

nice story! me like! haha

Bubble My Licorice said...

great post :)
I really love it!